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Online Counselling /Therapy Sessions: 10 Sessions 45 Minutes Each

What is Online Therapy / Counselling?

Online counselling, also known as internet counselling, e-counselling, web therapy, or remote therapy, provides individuals with the opportunity to speak to a therapist, counsellor, or analyst online without the need for face-to-face meetings. This type of counselling is particularly beneficial for those who are unable to physically attend therapy sessions or prefer to maintain distance in their communication.

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Why do people use Online Counselling?

There are several reasons why individuals choose online counselling:
1. Lack of time: Many people have busy schedules and find it difficult to allocate time for office-based appointments or travel to see a counsellor or therapist.

2. Physical hurdles: Some individuals may have physical limitations that make it challenging for them to travel easily. Online counselling allows them to receive therapy from the comfort of their own homes.

3. Shyness or embarrassment: Online counselling offers a more confidential and discreet environment for those who prefer to keep their sessions remote.

4. Agoraphobia or social anxiety: Certain phobias and mental health issues can make it difficult for individuals to travel or spend time in new environments. Online counselling provides a solution for them to receive therapy without leaving their comfort zones.


How Online Therapy and Counselling Works



Communicating with a therapist online has become incredibly simple. Whether using a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone, individuals can connect with their counsellor through secure services like Skype. Sessions are arranged in advance at a time that suits the individual, and they can choose between video calls or audio-only sessions.

Benefits of Online Counselling

Many individuals find that online counselling offers a more discreet and confidential experience. Being able to receive therapy from the comfort of their own homes or offices reduces feelings of embarrassment and allows for more open discussions without guilt or shame. The use of mobile phones, laptops, or desktop computers ensures privacy and eliminates the risk of being overheard.

Effectiveness of Online Counselling

Numerous studies and research conducted by the NHS have shown that online counselling and remote therapy are just as effective as face-to-face sessions. Some individuals who have the option for in-person therapy still prefer online counselling due to its flexibility and comfort.

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Online Counselling Sessions are Available in the Following Languages:

1. English
2. Spanish
3. Mandarin Chinese
4. Hindi
5. Arabic
6. Bengali
7. Portuguese
8. Russian
9. Japanese
10. Punjabi
11. German
12. French
13. Italian
14. Korean
15. Turkish

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