28 Day Nutritional Cleanse Program

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Instructors: Scott Ohlgren


Why this course?


The Upgraded Launch of the 28-Day Nutritional Cleansing Course

With Daily Personalize Nutrition Coaching

Join the 20,000+ people who've gone through this
recipe and superfood system
for skin, digestive and inflammation repair.


Here is a 4-minute overview, and some of the results students have received:


"Decades of skin problems disappeared."

  After the first week, I realized my face was clearing up—for the first time in over 20 years. What a powerful message. Scott's detoxifying methods were dealing with the true cause of the why skin problems happen in the first place.
Since this course, I now pass this knowledge on to my patients. Thank you for this amazing, life-changing experience. 
— DR. KRISTIN, MDAm. Academy of Family Physicians



Skin, digestion, inflammation and many other issues are often related to our nutritional choices.

The answer lies in a simple, inexpensive eating program.

As over 20,000 participants will attest, the key is a change of diet known as a nutritional cleanse.

Nutritional cleansing is a fast and affordable method of healing the body.

Over 20,000 participants have gone through this cleansing program.


A quick 2-minute introduction to this course: 


"Clearer mind, and no more headaches."

  My dad was a classic western doctor, and I grew up conditioned to be skeptical. However, when I heard from friends of their results from this course, I decided to try it.
The experience was quite amazing. I had more energy, I thought more clearly, my headaches decreased, my skin glowed... I was just happier. This cleansing course was truly life-changing for me.” 

— REBECCA C.Vermont


Our cells change when we stop eating the wrong foods.

And with daily personal coaching, it supercharges the results.


Powerful Results and Extraordinary Value

As the testimonial video above shows, the cellular repair that can occur during this course can be life changing. And for a fraction of the cost normally associated with those health issues, and in just a few short weeks.

Clients have seen a decrease of symptoms such as:

  • Allergies • Sinus problems

  • Mood • Irritability

  • Dry and peeling skin • Acne

  • Digestion issues • Constipation

  • Inflammation • Joint issues

  • Outlook on life • Sense of control

Detailed 28-Day Nutritional Cleansing Course

Here is what is Included with every this complete cleansing course.

It includes over 30 lectures, 60 audios and videos (all professionally edited so you don't waste time), kitchen and pantry setup, 200 of our own cleansing recipes, The 7 Physical Transformers that rapidly speed up your results, and the step-by-step daily regimen that you will be following for the four weeks. 

What you can expect from going through this 28-Day Nutritional Cleansing Course:

The most commonly reported improvements by students are:

  • Disappearance of skin problems

  • Disappearance of digestion problems

  • Disappearance of body pain/inflammation

  • Increased energy and vitality

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety

  • Reduction of mood swings

  • Improved memory, mental clarity and concentration

  • Improved skin, hair and nails

  • Overall feeling of well-being

  • Increased physical stamina

  • A much cheaper health bill

  • Eating habits that last for decades

  • Renewed sense of purpose in life


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